Global Talent Art Prize Interview

Hyunjun Cho-Jun: Interview with the 1st Winner of the Global Talent Art Prize (5th edition)

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the esteemed Global Talent Art Prize. We are thrilled to introduce the outstanding winners of their 5th edition. Hyunjun Cho (Jun) is the 1st Prize recipient, a remarkably talented artist based between the UK and Korea. We are delighted to share an interview with him, offering insights into his artistic journey and inspirations. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to read an Article about Jun’s art practice.

BPPV-INSPIRATION 17102022, 55x90x35cm, Sculptrue, Mixed Medium, 2022

1. Can you recall the moment you knew you wanted to be an artist? What made you interested in arts?

Among my family members are individuals pursuing professions in the field of art. Since childhood, I have been exposed to various styles of music, art, and fashion through my family, igniting a dream to naturally discover my own unique style. Furthermore, as the desire to create something grew within me, I found myself aspiring to become an artist.

BPPV-INSPIRATION 17102022, 55x90x35cm, Sculptrue, Mixed Medium, 2022

2. Tell us about your artistic process and the way you brainstorm ideas? What do you usually start with when creating? How do ideas become artworks?

I engage in profound contemplation to discern the essence of my artistic expression and seek distinctive themes and materials. Upon defining a certain direction, I commit to the continuous development and refinement of my ideas, regardless of my initial preferences. Through persistent efforts, I embark on the creation process, meticulously polishing and evolving my work in an ongoing and dynamic journey.

BPPV-INSPIRATION 17102022, 55x90x35cm, Sculptrue, Mixed Medium, 2022

3. Do you have or have had a mentor or another special person to guide you?

My most meaningful mentors and special individuals are undoubtedly my family members. Throughout life’s journey and in the process of my artistic endeavors, they have consistently provided advice, offered encouragement during moments of doubt, and guided me towards the right path.

4. How has your style changed over the years? If yes, could you explain why?

As time passes, I have committed to pursuing goals and creating art that will endure throughout my lifetime, not just short-term and ephemeral. My goal is to create art that holds lasting value for myself and everyone as well. I am currently putting in continuous efforts towards this endeavor, concentrating more on genuine self-exploration and exploring the experiences and phenomena occurring in my personal sphere.

BPPV-INSPIRATION 17102022, 55x90x35cm, Sculptrue, Mixed Medium, 2022

5. What kind of message do you wish to convey in your art? 

Rather than conveying a straightforward message, I aspired to become a monument for someone. I devoted myself to my work with the hope of opening a platform for discussions. The direction of delivering a direct message seemed to control the audience too much, and it appeared to limit opportunities for the audience or myself to broaden our spectrums.

BPPV-INSPIRATION 19052023, 120x98x80cm, Sculptrue,Mixed Medium, 2023

6. Tell us more about what project you are currently working on?

I am currently developing my previous works, and I am working on a new project called ‘Human Implant,’ incorporating various mediums, including sculpture, painting, and digital prints.

BPPV-INSPIRATION 19052023, 120x98x80cm, Sculptrue,Mixed Medium, 2023

7. What will be your next project?

I anticipate creating artworks based on the exploration of my own body and the diseases I have. I plan to use sculpture, painting, and digital prints as mediums. Additionally, to garner more inspiration and broaden my exploration, I am going to interact with individuals in various fields beyond fine arts, seeking their advice and insights.

BPPV-INSPIRATION 19052023, 120x98x80cm, Sculptrue,Mixed Medium, 2023

8. What is your dream project?

My dream project involves engaging in public art. I would like to take my current sculpture and experiment with creating a piece that is larger than 5 meters in size.

9. There are many descriptions of the ideal state of mind for being creative. What is it like for you?

It feels like a harmonious blend of strong motivation, excitement, and a sense of anticipation for creation.

Exhibition view. BPPV-INSPIRATION 19052023, 120x98x80cm, Sculptrue,Mixed Medium, 2023

10. What is art for?

Art serves as a reminder for individuals, while simultaneously contributing to the overall harmony of everyone.

11. Thanks for the opportunity to interview you as the 1st Prize Winner of the Global Talent Art Prize (5th edition). Are there any final thoughts, in particular for the ones who would like to follow your way?

I have made regrettable decisions during my journey, and if there are people reading this, I would like to share ways to minimize regrets. Follow your heart, embrace numerous mistakes, conduct various experiments, and do not be afraid of failure. In the realm of art, there is no true failure, and many of our fears are mere illusions.

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